Braun has proved its name among all the other brands of thermometer. It came in front with different style and feature. This is the healthy competition among the brands to give their best to clients. Braun has launched different types of its own thermometer. These include touch thermometer, forehead thermometer and others.

​Braun Digital No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer NTF3000

This is suitable for Baby, Infants, Toddlers, and Adults, NTF3000.

It has both, touch and touch less function. Now you can use whatever suits you best. For the sake of accuracy, it can capture twice the heat, that a normal body radiates. It comes with a large and easy to read screen. It also has a color coded fever guide that let you appreciate the degree of temperature. It has a positioning system, properly installed which minimizes the error in the thermometer. 

braun thermometer

braun thermometer

How To Use - Instructions

It is even pretty easy to be used on sleeping baby. It has dual use. One is traditional touch wise and the second one is modern and touch less. Just position it at estimated distance of 2 inches and it will give the reading on its wide screen. Its that easy. After pressing the button, it will give the readings within 2 seconds. Color graded indication will show the severity of temperature.

Braun Thermometer Feature List​

Touch less mode

  • Touch less mode
  • ​Contact mode is also added.
  • Display with colors.
  • Backlit for use in darkness.
  • Proven best accuracy among other devices.
  • Handy and easy to use.
  • It has a silent mode, best to be used on sleeping baby

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