Most Comprehensive and latest Guide For Best Baby Thermometer Buyer Review and List of Top 10 Most rated thermometers in 2018.

Do you know what a thermometer is?

Medical Thermometer is the device or tool that measures the temperature, and gives us the reading in form that we can read it easily.


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Technology is evolving day by day. There are a lot of modern day technologies, which replaced the old and unreliable tools and equipments. Same happened in the field of health and medicine. New ways are discovered that are reliable with more accuracy than their previous version. As far as thermometers are concern, now there are a lot of best thermometers out there that are far better in use and performance than the mercury thermometer (old ones).

In this guide, I am going to review best top 10 thermometers according to our criteria explained later.

Best Baby Thermometers Review

There are a lot of modern thermometers available to buy, each one having different features to look upon. Some thermometer brands are best for accuracy, but are difficult to use, difficult in a sense that you have to practice it several time to have a grip upon it. 

While on the other hand some thermometer brands are just working to make their thermometer look good, handing and easy to use, while they are somewhat not reliable for their accuracy. That’s why you must have an idea about all of these things before buying thermometer. While I will be covering all of these things in this guide, all you have to do is to go through it and then choose the one that suits your requirements best.


Thermometer Fact: Thermometer is made of just 2 element integrated in such a way, that one element is heat sensor while the second one gives the reading. This seems to be so simple, while it took 2k years to transform that idea into the modern day electronic thermometers.

Types of Thermometers

If you are new who is looking for buying best thermometer for baby, then you must go thought the types of thermometer. Because it is must to have this knowledge especially if you are buying baby thermometers.

  • Oral Thermometer
  • Armpit Thermometer
  • Forehead Thermometer
  • Ear Canal Thermometer
  • Rectal Thermometer
  • Pacifier Thermometer

Oral Thermometers

In these types of thermometers readings are taken by placing thermometer in the mouth for the time specified for particular thermometer. Oral thermometers are considered safer than other methods. While it also gives the best reading close to accuracy. So these are reliable thermometers to be used. 

While the downside is, we cannot use these oral thermometers for babies or infants, as the little ones cannot hold the thermometer in mouth. While these can easily be used in children (above 4 years) and adults.

Armpit Thermometers

Also named as Axillary thermometers, and are the least invasive. Many clinical students are using these types of thermometers, but these are not the recommended, as they have least accuracy than other thermometers type. You can consider this option, when none other better thermometer are available.

 Because these are the cheaper thermometers that are available to any medical student and some parents have one in their home.​

Forehead Thermometers

Also named as temporal thermometer, these are favorites for measuring temperature. The reason is its accuracy and reliability. While on the downside, forehead thermometers are somewhat expensive when compared to other types of thermometers.

These thermometers use infrared technology, which scans through the artery named temporal, through front of the head and then measures with the best possible accuracy.​

These are the best ones in practice now a days, as you don’t have to touch the baby. So in a sense are safer and convenient to use for all ages.

Ear Canal thermometers

These thermometers measure the degree of temperature by placing it in the ear at specific spot. These are also easy to use, and have good accuracy.

While, it cannot be used for infants. So these are used for children more than 12 month of the age​. . While these types of thermometers are relatively different and difficult to use.

Because you have to put it in the specific location in the ear in order to get accurate results. This is the reason we don’t use ear canal thermometers for infants or babies under 12 month, as thermometer don’t get right into the ear at our desired spot.

Rectal Thermometers

Thermometers are easy to use, reliable, and accurate and meant for babies and infants. As other methods can’t be applied in a new born baby, while this method though seems awkward but used in hospitals.

Here I am going to give you a tip if you need to buy rectal thermometer, then go for the one which have the broad base and flexible tip. In this way, you will be have a good grip and tip won’t be inserted too far that is dangerous.​

Pacifier thermometers

Most of the parents consider this method as the reliable one, but it is not. Though seems easy to use but they don’t give much accurate results. Still pacifier thermometers are used by the parents in order to have a check on temperature of the baby.

>Comparison of Different Types of Thermometers According to Their Use

Infants Under 3 Months
3 Months to 3 Years baby
3 to 5 years baby
Above 5 years and Adults

How to choose Best Thermometer For Babies- Decide it

There are certain factors which must be brought under consideration before going to buy the best Baby thermometer. The factors are age, warranty, safety, reliability, easy to use, price, type of thermometer, purpose of use etc.

>We will discuss these factors one by one.

  • Choosing Thermometer according to the age

As I explained in types of thermometer, rectal thermometers are the suitable for babies under 3 months. While it will be ridiculous to try this method on elder one. So before opting for the best thermometer for your baby or family, you must kept in mind the age of the subject.

For babies having age 3 months to 3 years, we still rely on rectal thermometers, though we can also use ear thermometer, forehead thermometer or axillary thermometer. Still, we cannot use oral thermometer for this age group.

For Age group 4 to 5 years, we can use all types of thermometer including rectal, oral, ear, temporal ( forehead ) and axillary.

While we can’t implement the rectal thermometers on elders. So have to stick with other types.

  • Ease of Use

Some thermometers required extra care for their use. So if you are the new one you have to practice it for couple of times. But there is no rocket science in it. You can easily get used to it.

All you have to do is to read the note along with the thermometer packing. Like, you don’t have to touch the skin when you are using infrared thermometers. Another scenario is of ear thermometer, in which you have to make it at specific spot. While in case of oral and axillary thermometers you must abide by the time required for readings. Otherwise you won’t be able to get accurate results.

In short, it’s better to go with the thermometer which you thing, you can easily use.

  • Safety:

Looking for safety in thermometer is another big factors people neglect now a days. Using mercury thermometer is the best example to explain here. As most of the clinics use mercury thermometer for oral purpose. While there are the chances that it may break there in the mouth. These thing may happen because most of the time subject is unconscious or in a state where he cannot control himself and get break the thermometer. That’s too dangerous. While you may use it for axillary temperature measurement.

Another thing that occurred me to explain there is about rectal thermometers. Most of the parents buy the thermometers without knowing some technicalities in it. For rectal use of thermometer, as a said above baby must be below 5 years, so one must see two features in it. One is the broad base, another is the flexible tip. The first one helps in better grip over the equipment and is not going far enough to hurt, while the later one makes sure baby is not getting hurt.

  • Price:

Actually price should not be the factor to have under consideration. Because it is your one time buying device. You must look upon the ease of use, safety and accuracy and other factors like that. While if you are getting same features in two differently priced thermometer, then you must go with the lower price.

  • Reliability and Accuracy:

This is the part, which you must look into, whatever is the type of thermometer you are going to buy. When it comes to accuracy, we can prefer it on other factors, like the way of use, easiness, cost etc. One of the example is rectal thermometers for babies. Rectal thermometers give the best possible reading, as the point is most near to the core of the body. And this is the rule, more nearer to core, the more accurate will be the reading. So most or maximum of the hospitals use rectal thermometers for babies and the parents are also recommended to use them for their kids.

  • Time being taken by the thermometer to give final reading:

Each thermometer have specified time, for which duration it must be kept in position in order to get the reading, especially the accurate reading. While this factor is explained well along with next factor.

  • Purpose of thermometer:

When you are using the thermometer at home, than you don’t care about the time it takes to give readings. While in hospitals especially in emergency rooms, we can’t just wait and sit to have temperature reading. Here we just have to be quick at any cost. And some time we may compromise slightly on accuracy.

  • According to Type of thermometer:

Now you have clear idea about which one to try. So pick the one with which you think can easily handle. Like infrared or rectal in babies and axillary in adults. Besides, for adults one can try any type.

Best Baby Thermometers 

1- Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer - Best Baby Thermometer ( Under 3 month )

  • Brand: Safety 1st.
  • Type: Rectal​

Ranked 1st for the list of best baby thermometers 2018. Rectal thermometers are highly recommended by the doctors for infants under 3 month of age. One of the best Rectal thermometer Which gives the accurate reading and stand out best when compared with others in term of reliability and accuracy.​

Rectal thermometers are highly recommended by the doctors for infants under 3 month of age.​ Rectal thermometers give the accurate reading and stand out best when compared with others in term of reliability and accuracy. Though forehead thermometers are also used for this age group, but the fever is double checked with the rectal types of thermometer.

Many people around there, recommend multipurpose thermometers, but that’s not good to use same thermometer for rectal measurement and then oral/axillary.

Safety 1st Gentle read rectal thermometer has a lot of characteristics that made this one to be under our recommendation list. It is very easy and handy in use, and clean, apart from that it gives accurate reading within 5 – 6 seconds so that you won’t have to wait long in order to get the reading, that’s so quick. Plus, being inexpensive, is used by most of the parents to have a check on their baby’s temperature. Besides, it has a flexible tip that prevents danger of injury. While quick reading itself a big sort of safety, so that it will be at the spot for least possible time, which is around 5 to 6 seconds.

When it comes to usage, this one is really easy. You don’t have to check certain perimeters, just use it whenever you want to be.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Easy to use, flexible tip and firm grip.
  • Inexpensive when compared with others.
  • Neat, clean and hygienic ( easy to wash).
  • Accurate reading, quick result, large display.
  • Recommended for infants under 3 month.
  • Beeps when reading is measured.
  • Auto shuts off to save battery.
  • Have cap for protection of the tip.
  • Last reading data saved.
  • Includes one battery, that is easily replaceable
  • Neat, clean and hygienic ( easy to wash)..
  • It can Only be used for infants.
  • It must be washed after use.

2- Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer - Based on Infrared Technology

  • Brand: Exergen
  • Type: Forehead​

Temporal artery thermometer or forehead thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the temperature. This is the modern thermometer, which gives reading even without physically touching the skin of the baby.​

​Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is a better option to go with. It’s pretty reliable and gives accurate results.​The only precaution for getting the accurate result is, if you are moving from a room with different temperature to another room with quiet change in temperature, then you must have to wait a while. Otherwise it will not give the desired results.

Besides, it is easy to use, like a swipe thorough the skin of the front of the head without touching it. But without doing so you must make sure that cover is removed. In most of the cases, parents forget to remove its transparent cover. This will not give the reading. But you don’t have to remember this all the time. When you are doing it right, you will hear a beep in it.

In order to use this thermometer, switch it on and swipe it through the front of the head. You will hear a beep and that’s it. Look at the reading and note it. After that, switch it off to save battery life, and again cover it with its covering. This comes with 9-V battery that last long and can easily be replaced.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Safer in use.
  • As accurate as rectal thermometer.
  • Can also be used for adults.
  • Can scan through the sleeping baby.
  • Can be used on such patients which have infected ears and ear thermometers can’t be used for them.
  • Infrared thermometers are now in use in most of the hospitals.
  • Takes very less time for detecting temperature.
  • You have to use it in right way, otherwise you will not hear the beep and measurements will not be taken. You have to do practice couple of time before using it first time on your baby/subject.
  • When carried from a room with a lot of difference in temperature, will affect its reading. So must wait for few minutes when you are carrying it from hotter room to colder one and vice versa.

3- Thermoscan Ear Thermometer - Mutipurpose Thermometer

Brand: Braun

Type: Ear

After rectal and forehead thermometer, you must have a brief knowledge about ear thermometers.

Braun Ear Thermometer is also recommended by most of the doctors and is used in many hospitals. The big upside about ear thermometer is, that it is so quick in results that it gives results within 2 second.

It is also a multi-purpose thermometer. You can also use it for oral, rectal or axillary method of measuring temperature. So this is also a good option for a family. Because you can use it as ear thermometer for children and axillary for adults.​​It comes with 2 AA battery and can be replaced by rechargeable one.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Multipurpose thermometer (can be used for axillary, oral or rectal).
  • Good for a family, using axillary for adults and ear method for babies.
  • Can use rechargeable battery.
  • It has a pre-warm tip, so you don’t have to wait much for taking repeated temperature. It will measure temperature with same accuracy, even used again and again even with little gap of time.
  • Designed in such a way that, when placed correctly, you will be sure of it.
  • It stores the last measured temperature in it as long as battery is intact. So, you may have a check on it.
  • You cannot check the temperature of the baby under 3 month of age via its ears. While, you can use it to measure temperature through rectal method.

4- OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer

  • Brand: Occobaby
  • Type: Forehead​

OCCObaby always work to launch the best product for babies. They have been working long in thermometer market to give parents one the most recommended thermometers.​

OCCObaby keep up with the modern technology and released 2017th edition of this thermometer. 

It is very much reliable and accurate in term of reading. As you don’t have to touch the baby, that’s why forehead thermometers are considered best for their safety factor.​ They designed it to be water proof, and gives instant results within few seconds. As this is using infrared technology, that’s why you have to just swipe though the forehead and readings will be displayed in the very moment.

As this is especially designed for babies, so for sleeping babies, just turn on the silent mode and it will not utter any beep. For night use, it has a feature of backlight display LCD. So don’t have to much bother the baby in order to check the temperature. Just let him sleep and rest, while the infrared thermometer will do its job.

Other than that, it has calibrated scale in Celsius and farneheit. So don’t you have an eye on both the reading scales. It also comes with built-in fever alarm system. This feature will tell when to take your baby to doctor.

Another feature that parents and doctors look up in any best baby thermometer is its cleanliness. But in this case, it is non-contact infrared thermometer. So there is no fear of germs and other things like that to infect infants.

Another factor, that most of the doctor look up, is its accuracy. Though OCCObaby is claiming the utmost accuracy, but doctors believe in double checking forehead with rectal method. For this purpose it has a feature of rectal thermometer built-in. Rectal method demands cleanliness and flexible tip that is all ensured by the OCCObaby thermometer. So if you are using the thermometer, and your baby’s thermometer is showing some high temperature then its better to compare it with rectal thermometer. While you don’t have too get another one for the purpose, OCCObaby do its job at both end.

Apart from rectal measurement system there, you can also use it for some other purposes too. OCCObaby says that parents can use it at home for checking temperature of bathing water, their nursery, baby formula, and other baby foods and related items.

Now let me share you some points that you must have in mind while using any forehead thermometer.

Make sure baby’s head is clean and there is no sweat and other things like oil and dirt. Otherwise you will not be able to get accurate results.

Besides, you must be indoor in order to have a check on your baby’s temperature. Because it is not designed for outdoor purpose and will give fluctuating reading outside there.

As mentioned earlier, it is non-contact thermometer. So you must hold it at at few centimeter distance in order to operate the device correctly.

While, you can test this thermometer as it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. If you see any feature that was proclaimed by their brand and is not provided well, you can easily get back your money. While you can be free of stress for any technical issue for a year, as it is providing one year of guarantee for that.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Easy to use.
  • Clean and hygienic as it is non contact.
  • Gives accurate reading and is reliable due to double check option via built-in rectal thermometer.
  • Very much inexpensive.
  • Silent mode, LED display for night check.
  • If you are using its rectal mode, than it will give you reading in 10 seconds, so don’t forget it as forehead gives reading within 2 to 3 seconds.
  • If you are carrying from somewhere outside to inside the room, than it is recommended to wait for some time before getting reading. As immediate reading will not be as accurate as it should be.

5- Medical Infrared Thermometer Pediatric Bilingual Fahrenheit

  • Brand: Dr. Madre
  • Type:​ Forehead

​This thermometer also uses the infrared technology, so just press the button and swipe in front of the skin at a distance of 2 to 3 inches. It will give a beep when reading is taken. This is superfast thermometer meant for pediatric use as it gives the accurate reading with consistency.

It stores last 12 reading in it. So that you can recall the previous results and can get an idea about the fever, wheather it is going up or down. It also has a feature of read and blue light that indicates the severity of temperature.

If you have to use the thermometer at night, than it has a backlight feature in it. It will display the reading so that you can read it in the dark.

This are designed by the Dr. Madre, updating their technology every year. They have launched the 2017th addition of Medical infrared thermometer pediatric that comes in two language of support. It can read the reading aloud in English and Spanish as well. Besides, readings are taken on both scales that is centigrade and Fahrenheit as well.

It comes with 2 AAA battery, that is rechargeable and you can easily replace it when it so more running good. Though saves 12 reading in it, have backlight and beep, yet has a long life battery. While it has an extra case that allows other battery to be inserted there.

The thermometer comes with 24 month of guarantee, while money back warranty lasts for 2 months. That is a big period to judge if it is working fine or not.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Accuracy in readings, and stores 12 reading at a time in its memory.
  • Rechargeable in built battery, while have a space for an extra battery.
  • Non contact, so no chances of spreading of germs to you baby.
  • Can be used for whole family.
  • Safety and Ease of Use.
  • It has a beep system that tells you when reading is taken, while it don’t have silent mode in it.

6- Clinical Digital Thermometer – Multi-purpose

  • Brand: Generation Guard
  • Type: Multi-purpose​

Generation Guard has designed the thermometer to be used for more than one method. It can be used to measure temperature through oral, rectal and axillary method.​

Though more commonly used under armpit, it comes with superior microchip technology and very high sensitive dual mode tip. ​So you can easily utilize its especially designed tip for armpit, rectal and oral method.​

Apart from that, we can use it for whole family, including infants as rectal method, kids and adults as armpit/oral method. While pets temperature can also be tested with this thermometer with ease and accuracy. It is water proof thermometer, so mothers can use it to check baby’s food and water temperature as well.

This is approved by FDA and European regulatory boards as well. While a lot of parents have reviewed the product as five stars.

Though not as fast as infrared technology, but it takes as less time as it should be. If you are using its oral method, than all you have to do is to keep in mouth of the kids for just 15 seconds. It will note the reading within the time. Same time is taken for rectal and armpit use.

It has a large display, with prominent digits of reading.

Besides, this is very easy to use and handy. A lot of parents hesitate to use the infrared thermometers, in that case this will be a reliable option. As it don’t need any practice and particular guidance as it does in case of forehead thermometer. While many doctors recommend to use rectal thermometers for babies under 3 month. So this would do great for whole family.

Its vendor allows 1 month money back guarantee, so in case you did not liked it for whatever the reason it may be, you will be immediately get refund.

We will recommend it for new mothers, as they are experiencing the baby care for the very first time. While they don’t have to bother much. Because of its ease of use and reliability.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • It is a multi purpose thermometer, can be used for whole family.
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • Fastest thermometer that measures through oral, rectal, or armpit.
  • Recommended for new mothers, due to ease of use.
  • Beep system is not as good as it should be. You have to check the reading yourself after 15 to 16 seconds.

7- Dr. Meter FT376 Medical Forehead Thermometer

  • ​Brand: Dr. Meter
  • Type: ​Forehead

This thermometer has got a place in our recommendation list for infants. This is a quick infrared technology based forehead thermometer that takes the reading instantly within a second.

 It can be used for infants, and toddlers and to be mothers. All parents have to do is to swipe it through the front of forehead, at a distance of 3 to 4 cms, that’s it.​ Here you go, You will hear a beep after a second. No need to note it down. This thermometer comes with the storage memory, which stores 20 readings in it. So that you have an idea about the temperature, if you are taking it time to time.

This is an accurate and reliable one, while you can also use it for measuring temperature through ear canal method. The instructions are same, and you will get the reading within that one second.

This is non-contact that assures no spread of germs. It is approved by FDA, so you can us it without any trouble in accuracy and other reliability factors.

It is also suited for taking temperatures at night. Having backlight display and silent mode so that beep can’t be heard by sleeping baby. While backlight will help you reading the temperature.

It supports both types of scales and you will get reading in Centigrade and Fahrenheit as well.

The thermometer has a nice packing, which can be packed again and again. Just take the reading, use it, after that just pack it back in the cover. In case you forget to shut it down, no worries, it has auto shutdown feature that deactivates the battery every 30 second of no use.

In short, the thermometer is recommended for home use of infants. While FDA has approved it for hospital use as well.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Instant reading, easy to use
  • Stylish in look.
  • Long lasting battery, with auto shut feature.
  • Accuracy assured for infants as well.
  • Backlight and silent mode for night use.
  • It is better to wait for 5 to 10 minutes, if you are carrying it from one place to another of varying temperature. Otherwise reading will be not that accurate.

8- Thermometer Non-Contact Temperature Multi-Functional Measurement

  • Brand: SinoPie
  • Type:​ Forehead and Ear.

Another infrared based thermometer by Sino Pie have a lot more functions, rather than just being a forehead thermometer. It can easily be shifted from forehead to ear measurement mode. It’s stylish looking make it comfortable to hold it easily.​

Having as high accuracy as of 0.5 degree, makes it worth-ful to be used for babies. Like all Infrared thermometers you don’t have to touch the baby physically. It measures the temperature from a distance of 2 to 3 centimeters. While it has capability to note the reading 100 time in a second. That’s right!. Its so quick in giving reading, with that particular accuracy.​ With little modification you can use the same thermometer for ear use too. This features make you double check on your baby’s temperature. While you can also measure the temperature from the surface anywhere on the body. While, keep in mind that, temperature from forehead may vary slightly from the temperature from ear canal. Same like, if you measure from the surface of the body.

With infrared technology, it is very much sensitive to temperature and measures the temperature of any object, it came across. So make sure the device is clean from dirt and dust. Otherwise, it will not give reading to that accuracy.

It is a versatile and multipurpose thermometer. Its versatility not just lied in the forehead, ear and body surface temperature measurement, rather you can also have a check on your room temperature with it.

It has 3 different colors indicators backlight. One is green, which tells everything is okay. While th second light is orange, which shows some kind of warning signal. While the third color indication that is red means the high fever. This feature is quite helpful in checking baby’s fever at night.

You can also shift between the scales, select what you want to see, Fahrenheit or Centigrade. This feature is included in it.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Multipurpose thermometer.
  • Accuracy may be an issue if you are not using it well.

9- Pyle Digital Non-Contact Body and Forehead Thermometer

Brand: Pyle

Type: Forehead​.

Another modern day thermometer, comes with infrared technology along with feature of smart phone connectivity. For the connectivity purpose, you must have its app installed in your smart phone.

Pyle Digital thermometer is a wireless type of thermometer that can send the readings via Bluetooth.​

Like other forehead thermometer, this uses infrared technology that allows you to get temperature within moments. Just swipe it in front of the forehead and listen its beep.​ It can store as much as 50 readings in it. This is perfect thermometer, when parents really want to have a frequent check on their baby’s health.

What if you want to have a double check of your baby’s temperature. Just switch it to ear thermometer mode and check it through ear canal. That’s right, it is dual kind of thermometer, giving both readings in few seconds with utmost accuracy.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Easily switchable between forehead and ear type.
  • Really quick, safe and accurate.
  • Connects with smart phone, can send reading to your friend/doctor.
  • Large display, with C and F scale.
  • Accuracy may compromise if you don’t use it correctly.

10- Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

Brand: Kinsa

Type: Multipurpose​

We listed Kinsa as the 10th thermometer among the list of best baby thermometer. Kinsa designed the smart and digital thermometer that connects with smart phone and gives reading within few second. This reliable thermometer stores the reading of each family member in smart phone. While it requires no battery for usage.​

This is a multipurpose thermometer that can check temperature orally, rectally and through armpit. ​​While it meant for whole family, you can have a check of your 2 month baby and 10 year old sibling. It is FDA approved thermometer, that also included the real time and reliable guide to have you acknowledge what to do next.

According to amazon Kinsa smart stick thermometer is inexpensive and have tons of positive reviews.

Why We Like It

Keep In Mind

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Multipurpose, can check orally, axillary and rectally.
  • Have a check on all family individuals temperature in smart phone.
  • You must have its app installed in you phone, otherwise it wont work.

Best Thermometer List for Adults

Usually, you don’t have to buy a separate thermometer for adults members of the family. While, in clinics doctors and nurses use multipurpose thermometer that can be used on all age people. Here I am going to recommend two thermometers that can be used for adults, I mean age group greater than 5.

1- Clinical Digital Thermometer by Generation Guard

This is a multifunctional thermometer, used for under arm, oral or rectal method. For age group above than 5, usually under arm or oral method is used. While for babies you can use it as rectal thermometers.

I have included the same thermometer above among the best thermometers for baby, Because it can be used for both.

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2- SinoPie Non-Contact thermometer

Another multipurpose thermometer that we recommend for adults is the one released by sinopie. You will be wandering that I have chosen thermometer from the list of thermometer. Yes, you are right, but it is meant for whole family. It can easily be used for babies and adults as well.

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