​Best Temporal Thermometer - Latest Review 2018

Whenever a child complains of discomfort, whether it is in the form of cough and abdominal pain, parents must check their fever. This will make sure, if the discomfort is serious or not. Modern day thermometers are a lot different than older ones. These have much better accuracy, easy in use and are reliable. But the question arises by the parents, about which one to choose among the hundreds of available thermometers out there in the market. Lets have a look at the reviews of different thermometer brands and then decide which one is better to use.

After reading the entire article, this will not be your headache. It will become easy for you to pick the best temporal thermometer for your baby.

Prior to that, I would suggest you to visit my guides about best baby thermometer and best forehead thermometers. These previous articles are in detailed reviews about the baby thermometer. But here, I will be limited to only temporal thermometers.

What is a temporal thermometer and how it works?

It is a type of thermometer that measures the temperature from temporal artery of the head region.

List of Some Recommended and Best Temporal Thermometers:

1- Exergen Temporal Baby Thermometer

This backlit LED supported temporal thermometer is very quick in readings. According to officials, it takes 100 reading within span of one second and then shows you the most accurate one. It stores the previous 8 readings in its storage memory.

After switching on the thermometer, its red blinking light shows that it is ready to use. While in standby or reading mode it won’t measure the temperature, so red blinking light is the good sign of its readiness.​

Exergen baby thermometer

Exergen Thermometer

It shows the result on both scale, that is, Celsius and Fahrenheit as well. It comes along with battery of 9-V. It has auto power off feature that really saves the battery from wastage. Among other competent temporal thermometers, it is the most sensitive one. So it comes with the precaution of, giving it sometime between the readings. So that it could adjust with the surrounding temperature.

Why we like it

Keep In Mind

  • ​Auto Shutdown, so long lasting battery.
  • Readings on both scale of temperature.
  • Stores 8 readings in it.
  • Backlit display for readings.
  • Ultra-fast in measuring the readings.
  • It is too much sensitive to heat, all you can do is to have some time gap between the readings.

2- Etekcity Lasergrip 774

It’s cool and design makes it a handy gadget. Though designed like a gun, can be used to measure the temperature of a lot of things at home. Apart from baby fever check, you can use It to measure water temperature or even electronics or machine parts temperature with it. It can also be used while cooking, to have an extra check on heat sensitive cooking materials or food.

best Etekcity Lasergrip 774

Etekcity thermometer

Ranked among the best temporal thermometer, Though very fast at measuring the surface temperature, not sure at its core temperature measurements.

It can measure the temperature far from the surface and in silence. So that it’s very easy to use on the sleeping baby.

According to amazon, after nearly 5,000 reviews it has wonderful rating of 4.6 out of 5. That’s awesome rating and shows people trust over the product.

Why we like it

Keep in Mind

  • Easy and handy in use.
  • Can read surface temperature of many things.
  • It is not considered much accurate as other temporal thermometers.

3- iProven DMT-489

This iproven model of thermometer is compatible for all members of family. It’s not only for the baby purpose, but also for elder members of the family. Backlit feature makes it use possible during the night, so you don’t have to turn the lights on in order to have check on the temperature of the baby.

Also listed among the best thermometers, this multipurpose thermometer can be used as ear or forehead thermometer too. This helps in double check on the correctness of reading.​

best iProven DMT-489 thermometer

iProven thermometer

It can store 20 readings in its memory, while it is considered very accurate, due to its fine technology and double check feature.

If you want to use it as forehead thermometer, just press the button and pass it thorough the forehead. Now it will show you the reading on the screen.

Why we like it

Keep in Mind

  • Accurate thermometer.
  • Multipurpose gadget for whole family.
  • Dual mode, best for double check.
  • Stores last 20 measurements.
  • Its battery is not so much durable.

4- Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Innovo also designed it have dual mode feature in it like the other one. Mind that, ear measurements should be taken for babies above 6 months and forehead measurement is reliable for under 6 months. So its multipurpose thermometer, so you don’t have to buy one over and over again.

best Innovo temporal Thermometer

Innovo temporal Thermometer

Its measurement is reliable and fast. While its reading is considered accurate. That’s why it is certified by the FDA and CE. This shows it is eligible to be used in standard hospitals. So worth trying.

For tracking purpose, it offers the storage memory of 20 recent measurements in it. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius system are available in it. Look at the result whichever scale you want.

If reading exceeds the normal temperature of the body, it will beep that prompt you about it.

Why we like it

Keep in Mind

  • Stores last 20 readings.
  • Easy to use and really quick.
  • FDA and CE certified.
  • Dual Mode ear and forehead.
  • Scale C and F available.
  • It has no backlit.

5- Braun NTF3000US No Touch

The brand braun has its own name in the field of medical thermometers. Just hold the thermometer within 5 centimeter range of baby forehead and take the measurements. Actually, you don’t have to measure the 5 cm distance exactly. Its distance sensor will guide you to correct the distance.

Thats last in the list of best temporal thermometer. It gives accurate readings for baby temperature measurements. Silent mode in it makes it good for use even in night.​

best Braun NTF3000US No Touch

Braun NTF3000US No Touch

Why we like it

Keep in Mind

  • Nice Accuracy.
  • Backlit with big screen.
  • Silent mode.
  • Distance Sensors in it.
  • Screen is too bright at night.

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