Must have knowledge about Best Forehead Thermometer for baby with reviews that are latest of 2018. Forehead thermometers are also called as temporal thermometer, some may call it infrared thermometer, because these thermometers use the infrared technology in it. Baby’s fever is an alarm for the parents to have an extra care for its health. While you need the best forhead thermometer to check the temperature. 

best forehead thermometer

Babies can’t stay still while checking the temperature so parents are always looking for the easier method to have a check on baby’s fever. One of the best method to check temperature is using the best baby forehead thermometer. So that you don’t need the baby to stay still for some seconds. Forehead thermometers are based on infrared technology that measures the temperature through temporal artery from the forehead. There are a so many thermometers available, but you must have a knowledge about the best infrared thermometer in term of reliability, accuracy and price.

The forehead thermometers are recommended for the babies over 3 month of the age, while new research have shown the accurate result on new born as well.

These laser thermometers are not somewhat handy in use, but you can be used to it after practicing it sometimes. After practice, you will these temporal thermometers are very easy to use. All you have to do is to swipe it through the forehead head and you will hear the beep if reading is taken. It also comes with some precautions, like clearing the forehead from dust and sweat in order to get the most accurate possible results.

Why to Prefer Forehead Thermometers over other baby Thermometers

  • These infrared thermometers are given preference over other types because you don’t have to bother the baby too much. While in other types like oral or axillary or rectal thermometers, it is become difficult to make the baby quiet while checking the fever.
  • Infrared technology is the modern day technology for baby thermometers. The laser is used to point it exactly in front of the forehead. Then infrared will read the temperature from the rays coming out of it.
  • While in case of infrared thermometer, you have to press the button and swipe it in front of the forehead. After few instant, like one to 3 seconds, you will hear a beep. Now look at the reading and note it down.
  • Forehead thermometers are regarded as the best in term of quickness. The best infrared thermometer will take only one second for reading the fever, while some of them take 3 seconds to the maximum.
  • Another feature of best temporal thermometer that make it worth using is its hygienic surety. As you know you must have the device at some distance from the skin, so there is no point of hygienic problem in these types of thermometers, while in other types of thermometers you must have to keep an eye on its cleaning hygienic precautions.

Top 10 Best Forehead Thermometers

Here I am listing some of the best forehead thermometers in 2018 with their brief reviews. Have a look at these and decide which one will suits best for your baby’s care.

Thermometer NamesBrandRating
TempIR ThermometerTempIR 3.7 out of 5
Braun Forehead Thermometer
Braun 4 out of 5
Easy@Home Infrared ThermometerEasy@Home4 out of 5
Braun No Touch Forehead ThermometerBraun No Touch 3.4 out of 5
Professional TempIR ThermometerTempIR 4.2 out of 5
Braun Thermoscan Ear ThermometerBraun 4.5 out of 5
TEMP IR Body ThermometerTEMPir4.2 out of 5
Exergen Temporal Artery ThermometerExergen 4 out of 5
Nanny's Choice Forehead ThermometerNanny's Choice 4.8 out of 5
Etekcity Ear and Forehead Dual Mode Infrared Body ThermometerEtekcity 4.2 out of 5

1- TempIR Best Baby Thermometer - Best Forehead Thermometer For babies

  • Brand: TempIR

This infrared thermometer claims that it can measure the temperature with utmost precision and accuracy. It is also reliable one with very ease in use.

It comes with battery that is long lasting, you can use it for taking readings hundreds of time with it. In order to save the battery, it has auto shutdown feature that shuts in down after every 10 seconds of no use.​

best forehead thermometer reviews

This forehead thermometer is really quick in reading the baby temperature. It takes the reading in one second. While it can be used for repetitive measure of readings. So if you want to check the temperature one after the other, make sure that there should be at least difference of 20 seconds between 2 readings. That’s not too much time, but the precautionary measures should bear in mind while using best baby thermometers.

This modern thermometer comes with feature of storing some readings in it. It can store last 20 measurements in its memory.

This thermometer can also be used in darks or night, for that purpose it has a backlight feature in it. So that you can read the temperature at night without switching on the lights to disturb the sleeping baby.

It is FDA approved thermometer that is certified to be used in hospitals as well.

It has a dual mode feature in it, you can use it for forehead and ear as well. While, listed among the thermometers of the baby, this can be used for adults too.

It can also be used to measure the temperature of the surrounding environment, so for home use, parents can measure the temperature of the room as well.

It has been used by the parents and different hospitals, while some of them ( 144 at time of our review) reviewed the product 4.1 out of 5. This is good in term of their feedback and worth buying.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Affordable
  • 1 second reading time.
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • Product replacement warranty lifetime.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be figured and used at night.
  • Stores last 20 readings.
  • Can be used for repeated measurement.
  • Sweat on forehead can affect the reading.
  • For repeated use, you must make sure the gap of 10 seconds between the readings.

2-   Braun Forehead Thermometer

  • Brand: Braun

Thats number two in the list of our best forehead thermometer. Braun brand has good reputations and happy buyers of different thermometers type. Their forehead thermometer is hell easier to use. It has 2 button on it. One to power it one and the second one to measure the temperature. Just press the reading button and swipe it through the forehead and you will see the reading within seconds.​

best infrared thermometer

It has a large display that gives the reading that can easily be read. Its display comes with some different Back-lit feature. That will indicate the severity of temperature.​ You will see green light for normal temperature, yellow for slightly increased temperature, and red for alarming fever.

There is not such need of probe covers, this will give accurate reading with no hygienic issues. It is noninvasive and handy in use. It can also be used for different age group from babies to adult.

Braun infrared thermometer don’t have the feature of storing different readings in it. So you have to note it down every time you get the reading. That is some kind of feature that people like the most in thermometer to have some memory of storing some readings in it, so that they would compare it with new readings. While the previously reviewed thermometer allows 20 readings in it.

This product of Braun has attracted a lot of parents that are happy enough to leave the excellent reviews. It has more than 2000 reviews and on average got 4.1 stars out of 5. That is enough for the product to buy online.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Reputed brand thermometer.
  • Large display, with different backlit to indicate different temperature severity.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use, reliable and accurate.
  • Excellent number of good reviews.
  • It cannot store any readings in it.

3-   Easy@Home Infrared Thermometer

  • Brand: Easy@Home

Here is another best forehead thermometer by easy@home that is based upon the infrared technology. This is noninvasive thermometer that can be used at the distance of 2 to 4 cm from the forehead. easy@home designed it be reliable and accurate. 

best temporal thermometer

It is 3 in 1 like thermometer that measures the temperature of body, surrounding environment or any object that it came across. So parents can use it to detect the temperature of the room, and baby’s food as well. It can show reading in both scale, centigrade and Fahrenheit as well. Its battery is designed to last longer despite extensive use. It has a feature of auto shutdown that further increases the battery life. Thus, if device is idle, it will shut down automatically. On an average, it can record up to 40,000 readings.

It has large LED display with different colors indication, each color indicating the severity of fever/temperature.

It has a better storing capacity, can store last 32 readings in it. This feature really helps the parents, when they are measuring the fever repeatedly to have a regular check.

This thermometer has got some impressive reviews, getting 4.6 stars out of 5. From buyer’s reviews till 2018, we can say that users are very happy with the device.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Affordable.
  • Measures in C and F scales as well.
  • 3 in 1, measures temp of baby, baby food and room.
  • Can also be used for adults.
  • Long battery life.
  • Colored LED with different colors to show different ranges of fever.
  • Stores last 32 readings.
  • Excellent rating and reviews.
  • If it is not used properly, can cause inaccurate readings.
  • There must be gap of few moments before measuring next reading.

4-   Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer

  • Brand: Braun

Braun no touch forehead thermometer is the most convenient and reliable one. It is the best option for those who don’t have much past experience in thermometers or fever stuff. It has two options in it for measuring the temperature. One requires the contact with skin and another option demands to measure it from a distance. 

best temporal thermometer 2017

Once the reading is taken, you will hear a clear sound of beep. This ensures that the reading is taken. While for night use, it has a silent mode so that this beep won’t disturb the baby. It has a large LED that is easy to read with multiple colors of digit shown in the screen. Different colors show the range of fever, this indicates the severity of fever just at a glance.

Results from both traditional contact forehead and non-contact method with be same and accurate, this feature can be used to double check the fever. As in baby under 3 months, it is recommended to have a double check, so this will be a good option If you want to have second check with one and best thermometer.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Easy to use, reliable and convenient.
  • 2 in 1, traditional temperature measurement and non-contact, noninvasive measurement of fever.
  • Affordable range of price.
  • Some users complaint for in accuracy, that can happen if they are not using the instrument as it is instructed.

5-  Professional TempIR Thermometer

  • Brand: TempIR

Another reliable thermometer by Tempir is somewhat professional with dual mode in it. It uses the infrared technology to show the accurate reading of the temperature. Just point it in front of the forehead and press the button. You will see the reading on a large backlit display. If the fever is too much high, you will immediately hear an alarming beep. 

professional best forehead thermometer for babies

This indicates the baby need extra care and should be taken to doctor for some treatment. It has both temperature scales, thus shows in both centigrade and Fahrenheit as well. It will store the last 20 readings in it. As far as battery is concern, it is life long lasting battery. It can measure 100,000 readings that is enough for many years of use. Its battery saving feature is better, switching off after 10 seconds gives it extra-long life.

Why We Like It

Keep In Mind

  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Stores last 20 readings.
  • Life long battery.
  • FDA and CE approved, used in many hospitals and clinics.
  • Measures within one second of swipe.
  • Actually, it don’t have any feature that people don’t like, but there is 3 second display light after taking reading. That is enough to read the temperature but I wish it would be 5 seconds or even more.

6-  Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

  • Brand: Braun

Another best thermometer in 2018 for baby offered by the Braun is the thermoscan thermometer that has a pre warmed tip that gives the accurate reading. It can also be used for some other methods of temperature measurement. Including oral, rectal and under arm. Its tip is designed so flexible that it will not be weary even after excessive use. Its tip has lens filter that prevents it from the wearing and tearing. 

thermometer infrared 2017

While most of other ear thermometers don’t have the feature, resulting into the fault tip that can no more be used for temperature measurement. Its tip is pre-warmed using ExacTemp technology that is used for reaching the best accuracy. It is a lot easier to use, having a flash light pointing into the desired spot and then beep will show if your measurement is done. The device has a storage for 8 recent readings.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • It can be used for ear, oral, under arm and rectal temperature measurement.
  • Suitable for babies and adults as well.
  • Pre warmed tip that ensured utmost accuracy.
  • Lens filter tip for better safety.
  • It saves 8 recent measurement readings in it.
  • It don’t have backlit flashlight, so you cannot use it in dark room.

7- TEMP IR Body Thermometer

Brand: TempIR

It is non-invasive and non-contact infrared based thermometer, swiping it before the head and you will hear the beep, all done. It has a large display that is bright enough to show the readings. As it has a backlit light, you can use it in the darkness/night without disturbing the baby.

The thermometer has both centigrade and Fahrenheit scales integrated in it. You can easily switch between the units you like the most.

temporal thermometer

For those parents, who keep looking on baby’s temperature and compare it with previous readings, Temp IR thermometer will be the better option. ​As it can store up to 32 last readings. Thus no need of noting down the reading every time you measured it. It also has a auto shut feature, that switches it off after 30 seconds of being idle. This saves much battery for its long life.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Non-invasive, easy interface and handy in use.
  • Accurate results, can also be used in the dark room.
  • Both units of temperature i.e C and F are switchable.
  • Stores last 32 readings in it.
  • Affordable.
  • Auto shut downs every 30 seconds.
  • Unlike other infrared thermometers, it cannot be used to measure the temperature of the room. It gives inaccurate reading for the room. While for human and object it has proven the best.

8-  Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

  • Brand: Exergen​

Exrgen temporal artery thermometer has silver ion antimicrobial head that prevent the tip from germs. This hygienic measurement makes much reliable. While it uses the infrared technology to measure the temperature at distance, from the temporal artery of the head. This gives the accurate body temperature, by artery heat balancing technology in it.​

good forehead thermometer

It is being used by many hospitals, because it is much easier to use and is accurate.​ Its use is easier like the other ones, as it is to press the button and swiping. You will hear the beep to make sure that you did it right.

Exergen branded many device and instrument for babies use. This one also suits best for babies in affordable price with excellent reviews that are more than two thousands and overall rating is 4+.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Affordable.
  • LED light, and beep for taking measurement.
  • Silver ion antimicrobial tip.
  • Accurate readings, with artery heat balancing system.
  • It can be used for all ages.
  • Nothing to share here.

9-  Nanny's Choice Forehead Thermometer

  • Brand: Nanny's Choice​

At the time of this research and article, Nanny's Choice was among the lists of best sellers on amazon. It is another finely designed forehead thermometer that has many other uses. It can be used for measuring temperature of the baby, adults as well, apart from that it has been designed in such a way to take the readings of room temperature, baby’s food, water temperature with same accuracy.

best temporal  artery thermometer

It has included many features of user choice, like it has 32 reading storing capacity in it. So take the reading and then forget it for next time. ​It is switchable between centigrade and Fahrenheit, as it is easier to read and understand the severity of body temperature in Fahrenheit and room temperature in centigrade.​

Nanny announced 5 years of warranty that is enough for a device to be used frequently. So there is no fear of instrumental fault in the device. In pretty affordable price, the thermometer got excellent rating ( 4.6 out of 5) and reviews.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Stores 32 recent readings.
  • Non-contact thermometer.
  • Both Centigrade and Fahrenheit readings.
  • 5 years of warranty.
  • Easy in use.
  • Multipurpose thermometer.
  • Excellent user satisfaction and rating.
  • Nothing to Share here

10-  Etekcity Ear and Forehead Dual Mode Infrared Body Thermometer

  • ​Brand: Etekcity

This is last one to be listed among the top rated best forehead thermometer. It is designed to take the temperature from the forehead and the ear as well. So this can be used for all ages, as double check will verify the temperature.

When temperature exceeds the normal value, it will give a warning beep, plus you will see the warning light on its display.​

best temporal  artery thermometer review

It can store last 20 reading in it and can be recalled any time.​ This FDA approved thermometer is easier in use. Warranty offers incline the customers to buy it, while got many awesome reviews and rating is above 4.4 out of 5.

  Why We Like It

  Keep In Mind

  • Dual mode, can be used for forehead and ear.
  • Instant reading, within a second.
  • Fine design, easy to use and accurate.
  • Reliable and can be used repeatedly.
  • Fever warning system integrated.
  • Stores 20 recent readings.
  • 2 year of replacement warranty.
  • Excellent reviews and rating.
  • Affordable price.
  • Nothing to share here

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